Global Wonders for your Big Day!

View More: Autumn we released our very first bridal line featuring pearls, cut crystal and German silver accents. Keeping Bridal traditions in mind, we created pieces that would be both trendy and timeless with enough variation to fit every type of bride. Global Wonders is more than jewelry, it’s a statement, a stand against injustice, a way to breach the uncomfortable topic of human trafficking. Our goal is that each piece of jewelry starts a conversation; not just about the travesty of modern-day slavery, but also about a sustainable, fair-trade method to teach girls marketable skills and build their self-esteem.

View More: her wedding day, a Bride is glowing with the realization that she is celebrating an important day in her life; one that many girls look forward to. In Nepal, marriage is a goal for many of our participants, and we are pleased that in some way, they too are sharing in your special day!

Besides showcase bridal pieces, we also created several pieces appropriate for a bridal party or mother of the bride. These come in a variety of colors and styles to match your idea of your perfect day.

Our feature piece from this collection is called The Princess – inspired by the necklace created for our manager’s sister’s wedding. Her name is Jessica, and here’s what she had to say about wearing Global Wonders on her wedding day:

View More:

I’m a long-time supporter and guest designer of Global Wonders jewelry and handicrafts; I wear the pieces daily with pride. The way I see it, it’s a win win situation! When you wear Global Wonders, you are supporting something that helps make a difference in someone’s life, and you’re also wearing fashion-forward pieces.

When it came down to my big day, I knew that I would be wearing none other than Global Wonders jewelry. I am a lover of big statement pieces and I wanted to incorporate pearls somehow as they are so lovely.

I met with Naphtali a few times to discuss my ideas. We used a selection of photographs and sketches. I wanted my overall look to be “Old Hollywood Glam”. With this piece, the Global Wonders Bridal Collection was born! When I finally got to see the finished product, I was blown away! Not only had she designed my dream statement piece, but also earrings to match! I was beyond thrilled.

I also used pieces from their current collection at the time for my Bridesmaids. Most of my favorite pieces from Global Wonders feature turquoise, so this piece was very different and very special. I still wear my wedding necklace for big nights out, and it always gets compliments. I would definitely recommend the Bridal Line to any future brides!

Thank you, Jessica! You looked absolutely beautiful on your special day. (Photos of Jessica’s wedding provided by Danielle & James Acken)

Below are some samples of our Bridal Line pieces. To see our full Bridal Line, click here!

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Thanks for reading, and, as always,

Happy Shopping!

– Your Global Wonders Team

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