Global Wonders Takes on France!



025_GW_FW2016_Paris_.jpgThis year our Global Wonders manager, Naphtali, and our photographer Sandra took their work holidays together to visit Europe.  Since we were already there, wanting to add some freshness to our collection photo shoots, we decided to bring along pieces from our upcoming Fall Collection to photograph in the streets of Paris! Spring in France is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. But, like anywhere, the weather was not always cooperative! Though we managed to complete our shoot, at least half of the day was spent in pouring rain. We feel the silver-grey sky adds a certain moodiness to our photos that made us think of home in rainy Vancouver 🙂


Since we didn’t have the designated funds or professional team available, this photo shoot makeup-4was done creatively by volunteers in every aspect. Maeva – a family member of one of our Operation Development Team members – volunteered her time to be our beautiful model showcasing our jewelry like a seasoned model. Without a personal stylist, Maeva put together her own outfits and visited a beauty counter in Gallery Lafayete purchasing some makeup in exchange for a dewy autumn look. Here’s what she had to say about her experience as the face of our new collection: “To me it was important to take part in a good cause for The SA Foundation. When Sandra asked me to do this photo shoot in Paris, I didn’t hesitate. I know the whole team does a very good job to raise funds all over the world to help their girls and they are very involved in their job. If the photo shoot in Paris can make people want to buy Global Wonders jewelry made in Nepal, it would be wonderful! Thanks to miss Claudine Pora, our makeup lady, for her work!”

054_gw_fw2016_paris_Yes, thank you Claudine for helping us! After hearing about The SA Foundation and our cause, she was excited to donate her time and talent in such a way to help us. After Maeva was done up, we purchased an all-day transit pass to photograph near several famous Parisian landmarks. Keep your eye out to spot them all while shopping our latest collection online!

We had a wonderful day and felt this was a great way to spend some of our holiday time. Our Fall Collection launches soon, so get excited!

Don’t worry – we also did our classic Vancouver photo shoot with our incredible team of volunteers, including our model Marie who is so selfless and generous with her time. Special thank you to our dedicated photographer Sandra Leung, our makeup artist Margaret Lai, our hairstylist Mona Leung and for the clothes from Malary’s Fashion Network. We are so grateful to everyone who lends their talents and time to Global Wonders. The shoot was absolutely gorgeous as usual, check it out below and look forward to seeing it all online on FRIDAY!!


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