What a lovely necklace, where did you get it from?

A very familiar unassuming question, that most women will have to answer for frequently as we adore admiring beauty in and on others. We celebrate colour, fashion, unique variety and design with our words, actions and lifestyle. So what is the response when asked about a Global Wonders necklace.Some online store? I’m not sure? NO!

This piece of jewelry has its own personal story of adventure, loaded in impact and potential. This piece of jewelry goes beyond the tired boundaries of mass made production in some unrelated country. This piece of jewelry carries a message, carries a voice and has potential to change lives.

Have you ever owned something so precious and of undeniable value, far beyond its trade price?

From the stones picked, to the designs of the pieces, to the intricate beading and handicraft, to the product shipping and then distribution, to the dollars reinvested into recovery, to the message of hope it brings where ever and whenever it is worn, to the dialogue generated and the testimony told, to the aesthetics, displaying excellence, value, pride, purpose and beauty, to the impact it has to transform hearts and culture.

This is not a piece of jewelry, it is a statement of freedom.

Buy= For exploited women worldwide to have their life restored
Wear= For beauty, to celebrate with our women, to remind us we can make a difference
Share= For those who have been silenced, to finally have a voice


Next time: Personal Testimonies from Real Global Wonder Women
Check back often!


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