Global Wonder Women

We all have the ability to impact the world around us, wherever we are from, however we have been raised and whatever season of life we are in! We all have a unique voice to share, and we all have personal stories that have made us the women we are today…

We are, Global Wonder Women!

We want to celebrate all you incredible women who have taken a stand to help support women and children escape sexual exploitation and trafficking through purchasing Global wonders jewelry. We want you to “show off your selfies” to the world, giving voice, inspiration and a smile to your statement piece.

Hear some of our superhero women from different nations, giving voice to the voiceless.


Abi from UK:  “I love this necklace, because of its awesome colours that compliment my green eyes and blonde hair. I love the design and the unique twisted stone pendent. It’s beautifully crafted with attention to detail.  I get a lot of people asking me about it, and I get to share with them the message of hope, that the hands that created this are women who have finally been given a safe place, opportunities and freedom of choice. I get to stand against the injustice of trafficking by wearing something beautiful.”


Glenna from BC Canada:  “I love my new necklace.  The creative design and colors are awesome. I will wear it proudly to represent the cause of SA Foundation in the work they do for fighting sexual exploitation and human trafficking of women and children worldwide.”




Coleen from UK: “I received this necklace as a gift from my sister who is working abroad. I love this necklace firstly because it reminds me of her and secondly it goes with almost everything as it’s my favourite colours. I also love the cause that Global Wonders supports and find that the necklace symbolises hope for the women who have been freed from darkness. It reminds me to be thankful for all the amazing things I have in my life.”

Wonder Women worldwide have a reason to share, and we want to hear you. Come be a part of this inspiring community.

Send us your selfies with a comment to:

Tag us on Instagram at: @SAFglobalwonders

Tag us on Facebook at: @Servants Anonymous Foundation’s Global Wonders

#GlobalWonderWomen #BeAGlobalWonder #MoreThanJewelry #BuyWearShare

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