Capture the Essence of Summer: Stunning Looks That Shimmer and Shine

Here at Global Wonders we love to celebrate all that is worthy of praise….including chocolate, sunshine, beauty and achievements 🙂

But we believe love deserves the highest praise!

With wedding season upon us and romance in the air, we want to help you bring the perfect pieces into perfect union whether for a date, a wedding or a party. Let Global wonders inspire you with how to pair our unique jewels with the perfect outfit for these summer picFrom its name to its individual beads this necklace and these earrings speak to the drama and tradition of an elegant wedding. We love how the ‘Blushing Bouquet Necklace and Earrings’ bring a pop of fabulous peachy choral colour, and how the freshwater pearls give it a romantic softness, perfect for any summer event. The lapis lazuli shimmers in the lights catching the eye of many admirers. A fresh and vibrant look when paired with this striking cobalt blue dress that is sure to capture the essence of summer. An elegant nude tone heel keeps the look demure and a choral bag accents the colour in the jewelry.

WE LOVE this look and can’t wait for the next summer event or wedding to personally bring the inspiration into reality!! She believed she could…So she did!

Wonder Women worldwide have a reason to share, and we want to hear you and see how you ‘rocked the look’. Come be a part of this inspiring community.

Send us your selfies/outfits to:
Tag us on Instagram at: @SAFglobalwonders
Tag us on Facebook at: @Servants Anonymous Foundation’s Global Wonders

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