A Lifestyle of Liberty- The Power of “NO”

The women in our recovery programs worldwide have come from dark and painful pasts where choice, freedom and access were denied.

In the absence of choice and opportunities things can look very different to the desires that once burned bright in our souls.

We are all unique and gifted individuals, who have abundant creativity and dance with life in endless expressions. I love to write. The words impact and float with every changing thought, impressing upon me how each one is of significance and value. Where would we be without the simple ‘and’, ‘or’ and even ‘NO’?

The vocabulary of our women needs to be expanded. “No” has not been a word that has given them empowerment or filtered opportunities, from an abundant choice. No has been a word used against them, stripping them of value, silencing them, crushing their spirits.

No is not a ‘bad’ word. No can save a life. I’m finding more and more that when used in recovery setting, No, implies boundaries, and can cultivate an understanding that there are people who care enough to say “no” in its right context, because of love.

We, as a community standing against abuse to women and children, can say a resounding “NO” to the continuation of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation. We have the freedom to say that.

Words have real impact, they create and build or they destroy. Our words, spoken, written, lived out are significant. They change history!! Hear from more of our Global Wonder Women and their powerful statements, impacting our world!


Marie (BC) – “I love Global Wonders because their jewelry is beautiful and such a conversation starter when you wear them. I always tell people all about the SA Foundation when I wear the jewelry because I am always complimented & asked where I got it from.”



Kay (UK) – “Every time I wear this necklace, I am reminded how precious life is. I have the utmost admiration for the women who made it and she should be so proud of herself. When people have commented on how beautiful my necklace is, I make sure they hear its story because our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that really matter.”



Global Wonder Women We need your voices to change the course of history!!


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