Humbled & Proud

Global Wonder Women worldwide are continuing to speak out against injustice and slavery, through beautiful statements from the heart.

We share because we are impacted, our hearts are broken knowing the pain these women have suffered, and continue to suffer, even in recovery. Every time they revisit a memory, the pain they endured comes to life. The journey for freedom is long and winding, it isn’t an overnight healing unfortunately… it takes time.

So we persist, knowing that freedom is worth the fight.

We have faith that in recovery, ‘one day at a time’ will enable healing to occur.

We are consistent, when they are not, we are a support when they want to run, we are a refuge when they reach the end of themselves and in desperation cry out for change.

Every piece of jewelry represents that journey.

Hear why it is important that you carry the message of hope into the world from our Global Wonder Women.


Natalie- Canada (AB) – “Humble and Proud. I’m humbled to wear a piece of jewelry made by a woman saved from the clutches of sexual exploitation. I’m proud to support the SA Foundation, rescuing women and their children from slavery.”



Jessica- Canada (BC) – “Global Wonders jewelry is a cause near & dear to my heart. Everynaph sis 2 piece of jewelry is a step closer to ending sexual slavery. The thing I love most about supporting Global Wonders jewelry is that it is not mass produced. There is a small number of each design – making it different from other jewelry you see in department stores. Every piece is a conversation starter and an opportunity to tell others about the fight to end sex trafficking and the wonderful work the SA Foundation does. Pope Francis says ‘we are all one person but if one person does one small thing towards the greater good we can accomplish great things’. Do one small thing like buying Global Wonders jewelry and you have no idea how huge an impact that one thing can have. Join the fight to end sex trafficking today!”

Thank you Global Wonder Women for all you do, your words of inspiration and hope and your words that unify us all, matter.

Tell your story today!

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