Sweet Summer Date

Did I put too much perfume on?…..

Have a left my hair straighteners on??……

Will we have enough to talk about???…….

So many possible questions and fears that can arise before the date!

But one thing you can take off that list Global Wonder Woman is …..yes you do look INCREDIBLE!

Cute floral dress – check, wedge sandal for a striking pose – check, beautifully accented colour necklace to lift the whole look – CHECK!!

summer date

This look has it all, quirky, subtle, fun and pretty. We love the ‘Dahlia necklace’ with this cream print dress, as it accents the print colour and brings the whole theme from neutral to sweet glamour! The color tones will work wonders for any skin. Just add a lick of gloss and a beautiful smile.

Whether it’s a first date or 25th wedding anniversary you can feel confident knowing your value comes from so much more than an outfit.

You can share assuredly about that statement necklace, your date is sure to notice, and breathe, relax and know that all is well with your soul. Summer dates are a blessing in life for sure, so take that minute as you look in the mirror, to soak up the beauty around and within.

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